5 year warranty on SAPINO & MOGANO windows and exterior doors

Warranty and support: STM provides a 5 year warranty on wood products. We give advice on aftertreatment and guarantee delivery of spare parts for our products.

Windows & Doors in wood


1.1  This warranty is issued by the following member of VinduesIndustrien, hereinafter called the warrantor. This shall not in any way limit or modify the rights granted in accordance with this agreement and/or the law with regards to your supplier/contractor or the warrantor. 


1.2.  If they complain about manufacturing and/or material defects within a period of 5 years from the warrantor’s delivery date, the warranty gives them the rights in relation to the warrantor as stated in point 1.3. The manufacturing date appears on the label on the product. If necessary, you must document the delivery date.


1.3.  If there is a valid complaint about manufacturing and/or material defects within the time period specified in section 1.2, the warrantor must supply a new product free of charge.Under this warranty, the warrantor does not cover the cost of removing the old product and installing the new product, and any consequential damages in connection with replacement of the product are not covered by this warranty.

If the product is within the complaint period but is no longer in production, the guarantor has the right to deliver a similar product instead.

If the manufacturing/material defect can be properly remedied by repair/partial replacement, the warrantor may choose that option instead.
Repair/partial replacement will then follow, free of charge.


1.4.  This warranty does not cover manufacturing/material defects for double glazed windows. However, they are covered by the double glazed window manufacturer’s warranty, to which reference is made.


1.5. This warranty gives you no other rights than those stated in section 1.3.


1.6.   If you wish to complain about manufacturing/material defects, the complaint must be made within a reasonable time after it is discovered or should have been discovered.
The complaint may be made to the warrantor or the contractor/supplier who delivered the product.


1.7.  This warranty is not valid if the claimed manufacturing/material defect is caused by improper installation, improper or inadequate maintenance or improper operation.
Reference is made to the warrantor’s installation, operating and maintenance instructions.

For factory-treated wood windows/doors, particular attention is given to maintenance instructions, as well as the description “Expected outcome of industrially surface treated wood components” (Appendix 14 of VinduesIndustrien’s Technical Regulations).

If, in exceptional cases, you did not receive a maintenance/operating manual with the delivery, it can be ordered from the warrantor.


1.8.  Under this warranty, the warrantor is not liable for manufacturing/material defects caused by circumstances that arise after the product is delivered.

Material defects, such as due to faulty storage, transport or installation by an intermediary/contractor, are not enforceable against the warrantor in regards to this guarantee.


1.9.  This warranty only applies to products that are located in Denmark while the warranty applies, except for Greenland and the Faroe Islands. 


Please note that the above warranties do not cover:


1.10 Damage and functional problems due to insufficient oiling, maintenance and washing of the component’s exterior powder coated surface.


1.11 Damage or functional problems occurring on components where STM has made reservations for the structure’s design in the order placement.


1.12 Products impacted by external influences, such as: other building components, including various types of foam, as well as extreme heat, moisture, chemical and climatic influences, etc. 


1.13 Parts of fittings (hinges, locks, latches), and seals that must be replaced due to daily use and operation. 


1.14 Seals for doors with 1-point locks.


1.15 Water infiltrating in at the doorstep of inward-opening doors.


Double glazing

The warranty covers the following:

Within a 10 year period from the stamped manufacturing date, double glazed windows are guaranteed upon delivery by the manufacturer to remain free of dust and condensation inside the pane.

This scheme applies as of 1 January 2010.

For orders delivered before this date, the warranty period for double glazed windows is 5 years.


The warranty is subject to:


• The glass in the rail gap has Glasindustriens Samarbejdsorganisation’s warranty brand and production date (month and year).


 • The glass is installed in accordance with Glasindustriens Samarbejdsorganisation’s installation instructions cf. GS assembly instructions.


 • The glass is not damaged by external forces such as bumps, movements in adjacent structures, etc.


 • The damage is not due to frost, general thermal impact, chemical impact on the glass or tarnishing from improper storage. 


 • The glass has not been subjected to any processing after delivery, such as grinding, sandblasting, etching, painting, gluing or other surface treatment. 


 • The glass does not have “attached” and/or “built-in components”, such as leaded glass, alarms, blinds etc. that cause the glass not to be free of dust and condensation inside the pane. 


 • Necessary routine maintenance of the frame/casing and mounting materials has been performed. 


Electrical accessories

There is a 1 year warranty on electrical accessories.