Whether it is at the workplace or in the family’s “REFUGE”, there is value in being secure.

Security provides safety

If you choose laminated glass for large glass panels, you ensure that the glass cannot be broken into pieces. There is also the option of double cylinder locks.

A prerequisite for a free life is feeling comfortable, safe and out of danger - whether you are in an apartment, free-standing home, institution or business. Safety is a human right.

Windows and patio doors are often the thief’s preferred entrance, as they can be broken without difficulty, in peace and quiet. If you are going to replace windows and doors in your home, it is a good idea to consider how to protect against intruders. Safety package 1* is standard at STM and ensures that you can sleep soundly at night.

All windows come standard with hardened steel hook bolts, adjustable burglary-resistant strike plates and bonded panes. Doors are supplied with a latch/bolt and two hook bolts to secure against break-in at three points. Additionally you can choose reinforcement of the materials and extra mechanical and electronic safety devices. 


STM security package 1  - Standard on all product types

Latches with 2-3 closing points

Security strike plates

Fully glued windows

Hook bolts of hardened steel (individual components are delivered without hook bolts)


STM security package 2  - Extras beyond the standard:

Laminated pane

Security keys