Choose windows and doors from STM

1. No brown rings from knots penetrating

STM only uses knot-free timber, thus avoiding brown rings on the surface from knots penetrating.


2. Naturally waterproff

STM only uses heartwood from the slow-growing timber, which has a high content of oils and resins that also contain fungicidal substances. 


3. Optimal finish and wear resistance

STM applies 20-30% more paint to wood components than the industry’s minimum requirement, which is 80 microns.


4. Wide selection

STM offers a complete programme in the various window systems, ranging from the classic design to the simple and modern design.

5. Classic design

STM designs their window profiles and structures based on traditions of good craftsmanship.


6. No standard products 

STM makes all products to measure.


7. The best oak

STM only use the highest quality of oak.


8. The future-proof design

STM uses composite materials in window joints, a design that improves the insulation values of the components and is also maintenance-free.


9. Optimal natural light

STM’s slim profiles let in optimal light.


10. Extended warranty in alu clad

STM offers a 10 year warranty on alu clad products.


11. No more exterior painting work

STM’s alu clad series does not require external maintenance.


12. Easy installation

STM’s products are easy to install and can be sealed at the edges of the frame at the top and sides.


13. Energy-efficient

STM manufactures windows that meet the strictest statutory requirements - A-rated.


14. Safety and security

STM delivers security package 1 as standard.


15. Classic and stylish design

STM makes windows that meet aesthetic requirements when it comes to renovating.

16. The entire value chain

STM’s own organisation is in control of the entire value chain, from development, production, delivery and servicing.