For more than 40 years a constant focus on quality, product development and service has made STM VINDUER A/S into a leading Danish manufacturer of windows and doors in wood (timber heartwood, mahogany and oak) and alu clad.


Sustainable forestry

We use heartwood from timber forests in our production, where the trees grow slowly and thus form a hard, solid core that is very stable and moisture resistant.

We exclusively use top quality timber with a high proportion of heartwood which, due to its firmness, only absorbs 20% moisture.

As the decay process first starts at 30% moisture, pine heartwood is extremely well-suited for production of windows and exterior doors.


STM Vinduer works proactively to optimise all phases of our production, with the goal of reducing our energy consumption and environmental impact, and we are at the cutting edge of development of window designs that meet environmental standards and legal requirements, both now and in the future. 


As a major consumer of both softwood and deciduous, we feel a responsibility for our suppliers to engage in sustainable forestry, and we only use raw materials from forests certified according to FSC & PEFC in our production, which ensures that no more trees are felled than the forest can regenerate.


Wood waste from the production is used to heat the company’s buildings.

Aluminium and other metal waste is sold for recycling.


In all kinds of surface treatment for the wood, we use the most environmentally friendly products. Here we have introduced a surface treatment system 2ØKO for all external and exposed surfaces of the wood parts of windows and doors.