Ruko Series 1200

With Series 1200, you can use the same key for all doors and locks in the home.

Facts about Series 1200

• Complies with DS/EN 1303

• Secure against drilling

• Secure against lockpicking

• Patented key profile

• Patented technology

• German silver keys

• Keys can be copied by
  approved Ruko dealers



The lock cylinder uses new, patented d12 technology. The cylinder is composed of 6 advanced pins, with 2 code levels per pin and 12 code positions per key. 


For all doors

Series 1200 lock cylinders can be installed in all locks and fit Ruko’s wide selection of brackets.

Series 1200 is available in two variants: Polished brass and stainless steel look.


The green code tag

The green code tag is shaped like a key, to be stored in a safe place so you can always find it again. The code tag should be used if you wish to order extra tumblers.


It is possible to deliver your front door with cylinder locks on both the exterior and interior, to better secure against burglary.


Note !

When deadbolts are order, cylinders and handles are installed at the factory.