Glass and panels

Glass is not just an obvious necessity for a window - there are many factors to consider. The right choice of glass contributes to a healthy indoor climate and helps ensure the personal security of your home.

What is important:


• Effective protection for personal safety?

• Protection against burglary?

• Effective protection against damage?

• Glass that reduces noise?

• Energy saving glass?

• Does it limit the influx of heat?

• Does the glass reduce visibility?


STM uses only low-energy panes with two or more layers of glass glued with a warm edge and assembled with a gas mixture (argon) in between.

The warm edge results in a higher temperature at the window's edge, reducing draughts and cold streaming in from the window.


Security glass and personal safety

For large window surfaces or particularly exposed windows, it is a good idea to choose safety glass. If part of a window is lower than 1.8 meters above the floor for doors and sidelights in entryways, you should choose personal safety glass. In other areas with increased risk, the same applies for placement lower than 0.8 m. (This is a requirement for public institutions, factories, shops etc.)

If you want to live undisturbed in safety, you can buy components with laminated glass. Laminated windows are hard to break through, making it more difficult for burglars.


A graphical overview of recommended uses for safety glass:




Read more about STM´s security packages here



Solar control glass

Poor indoor climate can result from poor air quality and high temperatures if too much of the sun’s energy gets through the windows.
With solar control double glazed windows, you can keep out up to 85% of solar energy.
This saves on energy-intensive climate and ventilation systems.


Sound insulating windows

Excessive noise from traffic, trains, industry, etc. can be reduced with sound insulating windows designed specifically to cancel out noise. This creates a healthy and comfortable living environment. 


Energy windows

Energy windows reduce heat loss and improve indoor air quality by reducing draughts from windows. Combined with ventilation, energy windows reduce condensation on the inside of the windows.


Ornamental glass/Raw glass

This type of glass gives a little more privacy, which may be desirable in a bathroom or hallway.

There are many different options for types of glass, with patterns to block visibility.





All features can be combined, making these options well worth considering before you decide