Light and aesthetics

The windows in your home are a backdrop for the unique light and space. The right choice of windows is essential to creating a sense of wellness, the optimal atmosphere and comfort in each room. Seen from the outside, windows and doors give a building style. They can create harmony and balance, or dynamics, and can also help change the house’s style - here, it is important to have an eye for aesthetics to capture the building’s character.

Natural light greatly affects our circadian rhythm, mood and activity level. It has been scientifically proven. Toplighting, skylights, small bar windows, large glass facades. All capture and scatter light differently. The size, number and placement of windows in a room are crucial to your experience of being in the space.

The influx of light and the view help us experience joy, comfort and well-being. Who doesn’t enjoy sitting in their favourite chair and following the drifting clouds with their gaze, feeling the sun’s heat or being fascinated by the swarm of snowflakes?

Seen from the outside, windows and doors give a building style. This can create harmony and balance, or dynamics and surprises. Depending on what you want. The openings of a building are like pauses in a beautiful speech. Like life-giving breath.
They are the contact between the home and the outside world. Designed for visibility and insight. Framed by strong, beautiful materials.

Your windows and doors are part of the house’s soul, and it is important to the mood - both outside and inside - for the house to have the right expression. It also increases the value of your property considerably when aesthetics and design come together.