It is the perfect finish that makes the difference

STM only uses heartwood from the slow-growing timber, which has a high content of oils and resins with fungicidal substances.

Knot-free heartwood is your guarantee for STM products’ long life and a finish without brown rings from knots penetrating.


Wood processing is done at our fully automatic machine park by trained mechanical fitters - “best in class”.


VinduesIndustrien prescribes an 80 micron layer of paint, STM applies between 20-30% more, which is why our customers experience smooth surfaces with high durability.


Warm edge is available in light grey or white for an additional charge.


Stairs in Jatoba mahogany and oak as well hinges in stainless steel for an additional charge.


Patio door with continuous grip and interior cylinder for an additional charge.


SAPINO components can be delivered in white or grey silicone sealant instead of black lining tape for an additional charge.