The door to your home

Choose your doorstep with care - it should be welcoming and match the house’s style and soul. Materials and colour choices might be different from the windows - it gives your house style and character.

What is important?

There are several things you should think about before you buy a new exterior door:

• The door must match the style of the house

• The door is durable and high quality

• Will the door add light to the hallway?

• The door is easy to maintain

• The door is easy to close and lock

• DThe door must be burglar-resistant

• Accessories for the door

• The door lives up to the energy requirements



The finishing touch to a personal expression is the accessories you choose for your new door. STM offers unlimited options, such as sidelights, several types of doorsteps, kick plates, handles, locks, peepholes, mail slots or additional security measures.

Think of how your new door should be maintained.
An oiled solid oak door often requires more maintenance than a painted exterior door. Placement in relation to the cardinal directions can also be important. Dark colours can be a challenge on south-facing facades, as they absorb more light and thus have a greater risk of fading.

To reduce the risk of break-ins, many models come standard with heavy duty fittings.
You also have the option of choosing solutions that further secure your home, such as extra cylinders or security bolts.

The UK Regulations require that exterior doors be well-insulated to avoid wasting a lot of heat. Look for the U-value. The lower the U-value,
the better the door is at keeping in heat. All of STM’s exterior doors are DVV-marked, guaranteeing you a high quality door. The DVV-mark is the certification of the danish windows industri, which ensures that the doors meet a number of requirements for material quality and design.
All panel doors are highly insulating, dimensionally stable and extremely durable.

The surface and colour strongly help determine the overall impression of the door and thus give the house its character. The same door can change expression when you see it in a different colour. The doors always come surface treated. Choose from one of our many standard colours or (for a small addition charge) a special colour.
Note that the lining tape is always black and the seals are light grey - regardless of the colour of the door.

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