STM offers energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions in Timber, Alu Clad and Oak.



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Replace your old windows and save on heating bills

You can apply for energy subsidies through your utility company. The size of the subsidy depends on the energy savings from replacing the windows.

Sustainable production

Each of us has a responsibility to the planet's resources, and you as a consumer can live up to it by looking into windows and doors made of wood from sustainable forests. You see it by finding the label FSC or PEFC, and STM WINDOWS A/S uses nothing else. Sustainability factors into every part of production for us, our focus is on sound working environment and production methods that minimise the risk of injury and unnecessary attrition of employees.
The rating for the doors and windows offer the best possible transparency.

Energy efficient windows

All of STM’s windows and doors come with 2 or 3 layers of low-energy panes with warm edge by default and can be replaced with optimised low-energy windows.

The slim profile ensures excellent natural lighting and adds extra heat to the home.